Thursday, August 7, 2014

Review Aqueon Mini Bow 5 Desktop Aquarium Kit Makes a gorgeous nano tank

A few days ago. I'm looking for information on the Aqueon Mini Bow 5 Desktop Aquarium Kit, so i would like to bring a story to tell.

Aqueon Mini Bow 5 Desktop Aquarium Kit Grow Your Aquarium Mini Bow Lid Assembly The Aqueon Mini Bow is an ideal starter kit for any casual or beginning aquarist. Its 5-gallon capacity and bow front design create ample space for several fish and its small footprint will fit in just about any office bedroom or dorm room.The kit comes with all the essentials for setting up an aquarium including lighting water .... Read more or Check Price

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Great Aqueon mini bow 5 gallon tank. I bought this for my Betta. was transferred from a small cup petco this 5 desktop. is very nice and sturdy lightweight plastic. by V-TEC4LIFE

I purchased this tank 5 liters to accommodate a pair of scarlet jewel badis. I like the fact that it was pretty much all - in - one no fuss no muss el ' installation runs very quietly. by Vanessa Lang

Purchased this article PetStore chain about a year ago as a birthday gift for my preschooler who had been campaigning for a pet for some time. by Petal Pusher

Pros -Very quiet - easy to maintain cons -Si only put in a few small fish - must use a 5 watt bulb so the water does not get too hot - ... by Maddie H.


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